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Linear Programming Library GIPALS32

Bring Powerful Optimization Engine Into Your Systems!

GIPALS32 helps in academic, chemistry, transportation and financial areas GIPALS32 is a linear programming library offering a simple and reliable way to solve the linear programming tasks arising in logistics, transportation, oil refinery, financial and many other practical applications to maximize profit or minimize costs.

The library can easily find a solution or state a solution doesn't exist for any kind of linear programs with an unlimited number of variables and constraints.

GIPALS32 is a Windows-based library, and it can be easily integrated into existing or new applications for Windows written on C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, Delphi and other programming languages. The library provides a simple application programming interface (API) that allows specifying or modifying the linear programming tasks using few functions and tunes the optimization engine according to user requirements.

The library doesn't require any additional DLLs or ActiveX components hence the deployment process is very simple and transparent for the users.

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The main features of GIPALS32 are:

  • Robust Interior-Point method for fast and reliable solution.
  • Unlimited number of variables and constraints.
  • Flexible preprocessing to reduce task size and optimization time.
  • Constraint matrix scaling to improve numeric stability.
  • Iterative refinement to improve solution quality and reduce the number of iterations.
  • High order Gondzio correction to improve solution quality.
  • Special method for handling dense columns constraint matrix.
  • Support the industrial standard format of linear programs.
  • Support modern high performance processors (CPU).
  • Simple programming interface.

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